Who I am

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from Wikipedia: Pierfrancesco Marsiaj (Pierinux) was born in Mestre (Venice, Italy) on June 30th 1965  and comes from a busy family who has devoted much of its life to the support of a hospital in northern Uganda . Having lived in Africa six years he returned with his family to Italy where he began to study, and he did a good pace to the degree in Astronomy at the University of Padua in 1992.

In his working life has always been busy in many different fields of computer science, security systems integration, database, web (and non-web) development, mainly as a free- lancer but he was also entrepreneur and founded 3 companies. He worked for 5 years for the European Commission at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Varese, Italy) where he managed the IT facilities at the Centre for Earth Observation. Throughout 1998 to 2000 he was Information System Manager of the Space Applications Institute.

He is a tireless supporter of Linux and opensource. He’s married, has two children, of whom he is very proud.

In his “free” time he supports the Friends of Angal NGO association and the Buddhist community “La Stella del Mattino”, for which he created and maintains the respective web sites.

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